The First Prototype

Here is a screen recording of our first prototype! This prototype was created using PowerPoint and hyperlinked objects on each slide. This allows interaction through the prototype, mirroring how it would work within an app format.

We did not concentrate of design during this first prototype, as we wanted to focus on the interaction and what the app was going to do for the user. During our initial primary research when we sent out questionnaires, we used a lot of our feedback when we were planning our prototype. As this would eventually be an app which our audience would use, we wanted them to be the expert and offer feedback at different stages.

We started off creating a few storyboards to explain the interactions and animations which we wanted the app to do. We shared these storyboards with past customers who had already experienced our services, as they were the experts! We asked them about feedback and any ideas which they may have had. All of this communication resulted in this final prototype.

If you have any feedback or idea, feel free to leave a comment below! We would love to hear from you.

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