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With the rise of COVID-19 and the risk it could potentially have on the population of the world, everyone has been advised to self isolate. This is to stop the fast spread of the Coronavirus and to try and control the virus before it becomes too much for our NHS to handle.

As of today, 18th March 2020, large gatherings have been banned (meaning nearly all festivals, gaming events, sports events, concerts and theatre productions have been cancelled or postponed within the next 6 months), a lot of schools have closed and started to perform online teaching for the foreseeable future, however, by this Friday, all schools in Wales will be closed and we have been advised, as a population, to stay away from pubs, clubs and restaurants, BUT, the government has not told these establishment to close. Due to this lack of guidance from the government, these establishments remain open because they cannot afford to close, they cannot afford to send their staff home but continue to pay them, they cannot afford to close their doors and continue to pay their rent. They will eventually become bankrupt if they were to do this. If the government told all of these establishments to close in this pandemic, then they could turn to their insurance companies and gain a payout for this time to help them financially, but the government have NOT done this, instead they have forced these companies to remain open but with no customers.

Apart from the hospitality industry, the Film and TV has come to a halt, leaving thousands of freelancers out of work and out of packet. Unfortunately, freelancers do not receive sick pay. So if a freelancer is sick, they get no money, if a freelancer has no work, they get no money, if a production is stopped because of a pandemic, they get NO MONEY! Yet, as of today, there is no financial support for the freelance industry. Small businesses will also be hit by this pandemic, and they will be hit hard! A small to medium businesses, which may have up to 250 staff members at most, can not afford to close their doors, as there is no financial aid for them to fall back on, only their income which is brought in by their customers. But if there are no customers, then there is no business. This is a scary time for all.

Due to this, we want to ensure that we are all supporting our local businesses. This doesn't mean buying their stock or attending their events, this can be as simple as sharing their social media posts, booking an order for 6 months time, recommending them to friends and family, leaving a review for future customers to see, the list goes on! You can support local business by doing more than just giving them your money.

From this point onwards, we will be sharing a small local business on all of our social medias and our website homepage from this point onwards!

So if you would like a shoutout for your business, or know a small-medium business which you love then email us at and we will start to share these wonderful companies as soon as possible!

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