When I saw the trailer for this film, I thought straight away that it would be right up my street.

Gritty and cold, there was something about this story that felt very Nordic-European. Which would make sense considering its based on the 2015 German film We Monsters".

I haven't seen We Monsters, but I imagen it to be more brutal than its Canadian-American counterpart.

The 2018 movie directed by Veena Sud and staring Joey King, follows the panic of a mother and father after they believe their daughter has killed one of her friends.

On the way to dance practice, the two girls ask Jay (Peter Sarsgaard) to pull over for a pit stop. While he waits in the car, Kayla (King) and Brittany (Kawennáhere Devery Jacobs) wander into the woods to a near by bridge. Jay suddenly hears screaming and runs to find that Kayla has seemingly pushed Brittany off the bridge and into the ice cold river below.

In a state of panic Jay confides in Kayla's mother, Rebecca (Mireille Enos) and they plot to cover up their daughters little indiscretion. However, when Brittaney's father starts asking questions, things take an even darker turn.

This film is ultimately about how far parents would go for their children. Both of Kayla's parents and Brittany's dad put everything they have into taking car of their babies, no matter the cost. This almost primal need to protect is the highlight of the film for me as all three adult actors portray the huge range of emotions with such intensity that you get swept up in their panic.

The same can't be said for King. Although well acted, Kayla was just ultimately an unlikeable character. When I should have felt that I wanted to protect her along with the parents, I found myself questioning why they hadn't just handed her in to the police and gotten it over with.

The main thing that let me this story down for me was that I had solved the crime before it even happened. Which makes the events in the later half of the film even more unbearable to watch. As Kayla's parents commit the ultimate act in covering up their daughters crime, it made me wonder how they hadn't put all the pieces together by now. Predictable and lacking in detail, the storyline was ultimately very disappointing.

Although perfect if your looking for something to fill a winters evening, this cold and dark movie has all the makings of a good murder mystery, without the detail needed to actually make it a mystery.

If your looking for something to actually challenge your crime solving skills, look elsewhere.

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