PDR Workshop: Prototypes

Last week we had a virtual workshop with PDR about prototypes and how we could create prototypes easily and for little money. This would allow us to quickly make examples of our projects to see if they work without investing a lot of money into the beginning stages. This would mean we could experiment with more ideas and the capabilities of our project for as little money as possible.

They first delved into the different stages of prototypes why they would be used.

They separated the prototypes into 3 categories; low, medium and high.

  • Low: A visual representation of what we would want the project to do. This could be in the form of lists or a storyboard. A low scale prototype is usually drawn by hand.

  • Medium: A small scale interactive version of our project. This can show what we would like our project to do. This could be created on apps, such as Paper, or used via hyperlinks in PowerPoint.

  • High: An example of what we would want the experience of our project to feel like. This is the highest form of our project without it being the finished project. This is likely to be the first version of the final design.

After we were introduced to the different types of prototypes, we soon realised that we could create a prototype through storyboards and hyperlinks on PowerPoint. We could also create a short video using Premier Pro or Snapchat where you can place objects and attach it to a certain section of a video. This will give the illusion of virtual objects being seen through a screen. This was our way of creating a prototype without actually using AR.

After our workshop, we had a short catch up with the PDR Team who were very helpful in guiding up to the right path to take when creating prototypes and what to look out for when making them. They offered to help us with any advice along the way and to give feedback on any prototypes which we make also. This will help us a lot, as it gives us more audience engagement on our prototypes once they have been made.

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