Freelancer's Academy

Charlotte and Cherry were both accepted into the Freelancer's Academy which is run by the University of South Wales' enterprise team.

This week long intensive course taught us both how to start up our own company and what first steps to take when becoming entrepreneurs and freelancers.

The week was packed full of talks from business owners, lecturer about finances, networking events and workshops.

At the end of this week we both passed the Freelancer's Academy and also got the chance to pitch our company idea in a bid for up to £1000!

We both attended a Natwest networking event in their Business hub in Cardiff City Centre. We mingled the evening away with other business entrepreneurs and freelancers.

We were able to complete in elevator pitches and finding out about other people and their businesses.

There was a huge whiteboard which everyone used to advertise our company on. Great fun!

The Freelancer's Academy had fantastic speakers come in and give us advice, support and some laughter throughout the week.

Gareth I. Jones who is the founder of TownSq came in to talk to us about money and finances.

Austin Walters blew our minds with everything Market Research and branding.

The lovely Toni Leigh Hall who is the owner of Banter Cards, came in and chatted about how she started her company from her small flat to a warehouse!

Stifyn Parri, also known as Mr Producer made an entrance and talked our ears off about how to present and sell yourself in the business world.

Joy, who is a transformation coach, was a joy to be around. She showed us all how to hold ourselves with confidence.

Overall, this was a brilliant experience which taught us valuable skills which we use today to make sure our company runs smoothly. Having such a great support system within our University has benefited us greatly and we hope, if you ever think about starting your own company, you can gain this support too.

We would like to thank and credit the amazing photographers which were present throughout this who week, they were; Kira Butters, Kadri Otsiver and Mei Lewis.

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