Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Important update regarding our company and COVID-19.

As of writing this (20th March 2020), the British Government has started to implement guidance tools and advice to manage the spread of COVID-19 and to protect the vulnerable communities within the UK. This has now become a world wide pandemic and is affecting millions of people all over the world.

To be able to keep ourselves, our actors and our customers protected we will be sustaining the following health checks and cleanliness routine to keep everyone safe.

We will;

1. Only accept bookings for 20 people per group session (depending on the size of the space).

2. We will be wearing latex gloves during our performances, we can also offer gloves for participants if they wish.

3. We will wash down all props and set before and after every session to avoid contamination.

4. We will offer antibacterial wipes to be used to clean personal smart devices which may be used within team building activities during our events.

5. We are currently create a downloadable "Mini Mystery", which you will be able to purchase online and a small pack will be sent to your chosen address. This will eliminate the need of external professionals to enter your safe space, however you still gain our fun and engaging experiences, but just on a smaller scale.

Unfortunately, we cannot afford to close our books until this all blows over. This is due to the fact that we are a start up company and also we are freelancers. These factors mean that we are not (currently) receiving any financial assistance from the government to help us to get through this pandemic, as they have not set up any assistance to help the freelance or small business community. Any support which is potentially in the works is very sparse and there is not a lot of information. Therefore, we will still be taking bookings until we are told otherwise. But, and we stress, we WILL be taking everyones safety into consideration before, during and after every event which we take part in or host ourselves.

The most important information we want you all to know is, be kind, be respectful and be vigilant. Even though you personally may not be scared or at risk from COVID-19, a lot of other people are, and these are the people we should be thinking about with our everyday choices and actions, not ourselves. We need to be selfless, not selfish during this time. Be sure to check in on your friends, family members and neighbours. If you are able to venture out to shops then offer your services to others, picking up an extra pint of milk (if you can find one) for your neighbour wont hurt you.

Stay Safe!

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