Clwstwr: Research Question 4

What social, cultural, environmental and economical impact will our project have?

After understanding our concept and how it will affect our business, customers and model we started to look at the other impacts which our project could have. This involved looking into sectors which will domino on from our company, such as; social, cultural, environmental and economical impacts.

We started by looking at the social impacts of our project, and what benefit it could bring. We established that our project is sustainable as it can be maintained at a certain rate and does not need to be changed and also it does not affect the environment around it, as we will be layering with digital content. The benefit of this is that our company become more eco-friendly due to the increase of digital content and decrease of physical content. This eliminates the need to print and travel with large set/props. This also ties in with the environmental impact which our project will have, which will dramatically decrease upon using our project when/if it goes live in the future.

Moving on, we next looked at the cultural impacts which our project could bring. By using our concept we could adapt our services to be used to educate about history. An example being, to re-create famous murders or crimes within history, or the skeleton of our potential app could be used in other contexts. As the idea for our app is to implement digital set dressing into a real-life world, this could also be used on tours of history buildings or building in general. For example; it could be used for Freshers when they first explore the campus. AR could be used by placing arrows on the floor explaining where different departments are based. Overall, this would increase tourism to the area where this concept would be used as it would be easy accessible information for anyone wanting to find out more.

Finally, we looked at the economical impact which our project could potentially give. The largest impact it will have is employment. To be able to complete this potential app, we will need a team of individuals for the different areas of the app. These sectors being; coders, app designers, graphic designers/illustrators and actors. We would be hiring a whole new team of third party freelancers to help us bring our idea to life and sustain the app to ensure that it continues to work for our customers. Additionally, by using the app within our services, in the long term we will gain a larger income by spending less of our expenditure on props/set as it will be added digitally. We can also offer different packages which will allow us to hire actors for less time, or charge more for our packages for a more immersive experience.

In conclusion, by creating this project we will impact a lot of the world around us which will result in an improved experience for the participant in either our services or others. It will also impact the the different sectors which we work in by supporting them through offering employment.

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