Clue (1985) Movie Review

Directed by Jonathan Lynn, Clue is the 1985 movie version of the brilliant board game "Cluedo" (or "Clue" if your American) and much like its game counterpart, comes with a whole heap of twists and turns.

Set in a classic gothic mansion, we are greeted by all of the familiar characters as they one by one join the group, having received a mysterious and anonymous invitation to dinner. These characters are played by the likes of Christopher Lloyd, Lesley Ann Warren, and the always fabulous, Tim Curry.

As the story unfolds, so do the secrets of each character, each revealing a motive to kill.

This film is classily 80's, however there is also a quality that seem somehow timeless. The mixture of fashions, from Mrs White's 50's style dress to Miss Scarlets 80's perm, along with the sometimes clever sometimes outdated script, makes a bizzar but effective combination.

It goes without saying that there are some elements of the script and physical humour that are so outdated and would make any modern audience uncomfortable. However, hidden underneath the sexist and homophobic jokes, are some incredible one-liners that almost get thrown away. Blink and you'll miss them.

I think the best part of this movie is the alternative endings. We are presented with 3 ending choices, A, B, and C. Although each ending comes with its own plot holes, the aim of this movie isn't to have a fully rounded murder mystery. And with each ending 10 times more dramatic than the last, you cant help but get swept up in the campy comedy.

Although this movie has its issues with outdated humour, the overdramatic acting paired with the completely ridiculous storyline is what makes this dark comedy an iconic classic. This movie doesn't take its self seriously, and that is the secret to its charm. And who doesn't love Tim Curry!

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