Billy's Xmas Bash

Billy's Xmas Bash was our biggest event to date.

This involved our most complex storyline as well as our largest cast.

We used an external venue which was based in Central Cardiff, in Cathays. We wanted to use a venue which has character and was not too popular with the growing population of Cardiff.

We used The Cons Club in Cathays which is hidden away in the streets of Cardiff. It was a lovely venue which was stuck in time. It had an 80s pub interior and offered 'family party' vibes to our event.

This event was open to the public and was ticketed. This was our first ticketed event, as usually our services are hired rather than an event put on for the public to enjoy.

Our participants were playing the part of Billy's Party Guests. They were invited by their high school friend, Billy, to party the night away at his Christmas Bash! There was a bar and bucket loads of entertainment.

Our party goers were met with a sudden surprise of Billy's murder! They were all escorted upstairs to another room where the crime scene was found. They had one hour to analyse the clues and come to a conclusion, as well as keeping their spirits high with the array of spirits from behind the bar.

Our role actors were playing the roles of Billy's friends, partner and neighbour, offering key information to the participants if the right questions were asked. Throughout the night suspects were revealed by the police investigators and participants could begin to interrogate and put their money where their mouth was by trying to pin the murder to the right suspect.

After the hour was up, it was time to submit answers. Everyone had their own theories and the successful were rewarded with a certificate, but we didn't leave the others out, they also got a certificate.. of failure!

We would like to thank our amazing photographers Jody Powell and Mike McCombe for joining out events and dressing as forensics too.

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