AR Murder Mystery

"The White Tent Company is a young business in the expanding ‘experience economy’.

They create contemporary murder mystery experiences for a wide range of clients in both general entertainment and corporate markets.

They are keen to explore the potential of AR and VR technology to enhance both their business model (allowing them to increase their cast of characters with a small team) and the quality and immersive nature of the murder mystery experience." (Clwstwr, 2020)


We have been fortunate enough to be accepted into Clwstwr's 2020 seed cohort of small businesses, freelancers and creatives who want to experiment with how technology can be used in new and innovative ways. For the next 3 months, we are going to be exploring how AR or VR can be used within our murder mystery crime scenes.

Following on from a 2 day ideas lab, which was led by PDR, we were able to learn skills and helpful activities which enabled us to develop our concept even further. We were able to work with other likeminded creators and professionals who wanted to innovate and change the industry.

We may only be a young company, but we have worked with immersive technologies for over 3 years and have created multiple performances which push the experience created when using these technologies.

Over the next 3 months, we will be looking at the possibilities which VR or AR could bring to our business model. We are hoping to learn more about immersive technologies and the development behind creating an app for smart devices. To ensure we stay on track, we have formulated a list of research questions which we will be answering over the next few weeks as part of our desk research. Alongside this, we will also be talking to different companies and creating prototypes.

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