A Chat with Wildgoose

We spoke with Wildgoose and discussed their experience of using AR within Murder Mysteries.

After having a brief conversation with David Cload, Sales Executive, about the ins and outs of their murder mystery experience, he was kind enough to send over a copy of their promotional packages.

Their experiences rely heavily on augmented reality and image recognition technologies, which create a digital world alongside the real-world space. Although the use of image recognition would be something that we would possibly pursue, we felt that for our brand, the separation between the digital and real-world space was something that we wanted to illuminate, and the use of camera viewing became a priority in the development of our app.

As helpful as David was in supplying an example of marketing a digital experience, Wild Goose were unwilling to discuss any technical aspects in detail.  Although this was frustrating to an extent, we also appreciate the corporate sensitivity. Our business models are relatively similar in a few smaller aspects and so wanting to protect his brand is totally understandable, and made us a little more selective about who we contacted and the way we phrased our research questioning. 

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