A Chat with No Ghost

No Ghost is a development company who specialise in multimedia and immersive technologies.

During our initial research we noticed two pieces of pervious work that spoke to our research but for different reasons. AUB AR is an AR casting of the campus for Arts University Bournemouth, with the purpose being to give a virtual tour for students who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend an open day. The main market were international students with the hope that it would give them a flavour and feel for the university without needing to physically be there. They used Image recognition tech to tether their AR images to for a more tried and tested result.

Madrid Noir was a VR mystery experience co-developed by Atlas V. The goal or Madrid Noir was to push the abilities of VR in the ways of story telling by putting the audience member in the driving seat in a “true spatial form”.  

Speaking to Luke Gibbered, The Director of No Ghost, we discussed the limitations of VR and AR. With VR we agreed that it becomes a very isolation experience which has its benefits in some contexts, but for our productions that just wasn’t appropriate. We also spoke about the development in AR over the last few years. His Experience was mainly based with image recognition tech which is a slightly older but more reliable for of tech, where are camera recognition tech is still in development in a lot of aspects.

We also spoke about the commercial aspect and the challenges he has faced. In his experience, getting people to download an app was the main challenge in audience engagement. However, as our company is more events based, the audience would already have the expectation that the app would be necessary and so that may not be an issue we encounter. 

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