Medium Massacre

On December 31st, Insurance4U was having a New Years Eve party at their offices in Cardiff City Centre, before they left to head towards some clubs in town. All teams from the company were invited, and they started to pre drink and celebrate the new year in their offices.


All teams left at separate times, however around 10:18pm, Lizzie Tomlinson was found dead in the foyer of the building after falling from the 4th floor balcony of the building. Many teams who were leaving saw the encounter, however no one is certain whether Lizzie took her own life, or was pushed.

Now, 2 weeks later, The White Tent Police Force are still trying to figure out the last moments which lead to Lizzie’s death. We have many witnesses and 3 possible suspects who we are interviewing currently, as well as analysing the multiple crime scenes and compiling the evidence in our Police Headquarters.

From £500

Suitable for 10 to 30 Participants

How does it work?


Before each event begins there will be a set up period. This allotted time will be dependent on the storyline. Once the crime scene has been set, the fun can begin!

A detective from The White Tent Company will brief the participants and explain a brief overview of what has happened within the crime scene. 

Everyone involved will need to get into small teams, the number of people per team will be specified on the day.


Each team will need at least one smart device to scan the digital clues.


Before entering the crime scene, everyone is required to wear shoe covers to stop cross contamination of evidence.

The time will begin once the rules have been set out and you are free to analyse the crime scene and interrogate any role actors present. ​

Be sure to follow the rules, our detectives always have their eye on you.​

You will be warned when time is coming to an end, but be sure to use your time wisely! 

Once time has run out, everyone will need to evacuate the crime scene and scan no more clues, otherwise you could be disqualified. You will then have a brief moment to discuss your findings. At the end of the event you will submit your answers to The White Tent Police Department and await further instructions.


Basic Information

How does it work?



2 Role Actors dressed in full costume.

Set pieces to make the storyline come to life.

Shoe covers for participants.


Digital clues in the form of QR Codes.

Additional Role Actors if requested (Additional cost).




Venue - Unless you require us to book a venue, however this will affect the price.

Smart Devices.




Where can

this be


One of our Murder Mystery events can practically be staged in any location across South Wales and South West England.

We have staged previous performances in; pubs, offices, car parks, festivals, houses, schools/Universities and hotels. 


40 Minute set up time.

10 Minute introduction.

1 hour crime solving period.

10 minute debreifing.

Overall, 2 hours for one session.



Parties/Family Events (Birthday, Hen, Stag dos)

Team Building/Reward Experience.

Corporate training weekend/events.

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