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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we choose our theme / plot / storyline?

Yes, you can choose one of our specifically written murder mystery storylines avaliable on our website, or if none of them tickle your fancy, then you can book a bespoke storyline.

Do we see the murders happen?

Our event timeline is set after the murder takes place. We dress the set as a crime scene which is being analysed by forensics ready for your detective brain to pick apart.

Do we get details in advanced?

You will not be given any details in advamced apart from the breif synposis which describes the storylines avaliable. This will allow all participants to examine the crime scene with a clear mind and no assumptions.

Do we have to provide fancy dress?

You do not need to dress up to join in with any storylines, however we will not oppose if you wish to literally step into the shoes of a real-life detective.

Can the murder mystery be set at our place of work?

Yes it can! If you have a spare conference/board room or an office space which you do not mind us using, then we will hapily bring the crime scene to you.

What does the price include?

The overall price will include a fully immersive murder mystery storyline filled with digital clues for a group of individuals to analyse. There will also be certificates provided at the end for the detectives who were able to get the correct answer. There will also be 2 role actors present at every storyline, however, if you wish for more role actors to be involved, then that will come at an extra charge.

How long does the event last?

Each storyline has it's own individual running time, which will be specified on the webpage about the storyline. However, we can cater to your time slots also. For example; if you enjoy the storyline which usually runs for 30 minutes, but you would like an hour event, then we can add more elements to extend the performance time.

How many participants do we need to book an event?

We will need a minimum of 10 people (this is usually for party bookings) and a maximum of 30 people. However, we do offer events for larger groups of people, such as; team building for multiple teams, coporate weekend away events and festivals. These will usually be formed in the style of a pop up up event, where participants can come and go as they please, or we can run the same storyline all day for multiple teams of people.

Will we need to bring anything along to the event?

All you will need is your detective brain, eagle eye and a smart device which can connect to the internet.

Where are you based?

Our office is based in Cardiff, however we can offer events all around South Wales and the South West of England. We do not have a specific location where all of our storylines run from, we are a travelling company, therefore we can come to you or we can book a venue close to you.

How do we pay for the event?

A 20% non-refundable depsoit will be taken once both parties have agreed on the details of the event. The rest of the payment will need to be paid up to a week before the event. These payments can be made online, an invoice will be send to you with the details of the payment.

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