Hi Detectives!


I’m Cherry – the Founder and CEO of The White Tent Company. 


The White Tent Company was founded in 2018 with the core idea of combining the power of technology with the magic of performance. This simple idea paired with our personal passion for true crime is where The White Tent Company was born.

Based in Wales, our team are passionate about the work that we do and are always on hand to help our detective recruits.


As the great Agatha Christie once said,

“The secret of getting ahead, is getting started”


We blur the traditional lines of ‘what performance is’ and create multimedia productions – both in real life and digitally.

In a nutshell, we create fully immersive experiences that harness QR code technology to bring mystery storylines directly into the palm of your hand. Each mystery has been carefully produced to not only test your detective skills, but also give you and your detective friends a fun experience to share together.

Whether you're looking for a corporate team exercise with a twist or want to test out your detective skills in a realistic crime scene, we specialise in live murder mysteries for any occasion, as well as digital packs online.

Our ‘play at home’ mysteries are suitable for the whole family. Each pack comes complete with a uniquely designed storyline, clues, character profiles and more – making this a truly personal and fun experience for all ages.


Our mission? To deliver the most exciting and fully immersive experiences possible. And if we can solve a crime or two along the way… then why not!