The White Tent Company provides engaging and immersive murder mystery entertainment involving technology and live role actors. These events focus on the themes of crime and investigation by placing the audience into the shoes of a police officer attempting to find the solution to a crime.

With over 10 years of experience in immersive theatre and technologies, The White Tent Company can make any space a crime scene, offering bespoke storylines to private and corporate events.

To book or make an enquiry, call now on: 07857867147.


Mini Mysteries

We have designed and created a selection of Mini Mysteries, which are all family friendly and perfect to do around the home.

Bring the crime scene to you! Print out the QR Codes and hide them around the house for your children, parents, friends and grandparents! Be sure to have fun during your quarantine.

Prices starting from £15. We will be adding more storyline throughout our time on lockdown to ensure you are still having fun at home. 

Stay safe, stay positive and stay home.


“it was the first time we had a venue like this in the club...they really enjoyed being part of the event”.

The Cons Club, Cardiff

“engaging, fun and professional”.

Ysgol Gyfun Cwm Rhondda

WSUA finalist label 2020.png

Venues & Event Management

The White Tent Company can also offer immersive murder mystery events for hotels and venues, involving full assistance with planning and delivering the experience. This is great for corporate events. 

Additionally, we also offer exclusive bookings for event professionals looking to sell bespoke murder mystery events for their clients, whether this be corporate or private.



Charlotte Brokenbrow is the company director. Her duties within this role is to complete admin, finances and overall organisation of the company. Charlotte also handles their social media and promotional materials. 

She is the main point of call for the company.


Charlotte have over 8 years of experience in immersive theatre as well as 5 years of experience working with immersive technologies within live performance. 

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Cherry Barber-Mansell is the Creative Director and her duties include casting and working with performers. She is the main point of call for the artists. She also organises locations and often liaisons with venue owners to cater storylines depending on size and safety.

Cherry has 10 years worth of experience within theatre, specifically immersive theatre and theatre of cruelty.

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